Map showing location of Lake Brenton Resort


knysnaKnysna nestles on the banks of a beautiful lagoon in the heart of the Garden Route. It is surrounded by a paradise of lush indigenous forests, tranquil lakes and golden beaches, making it a natural wonderland.


The quaint suburb of Brenton is approximately 12 km east of Knysna. Named after Sir Jaheel Brenton, the British admiral who opened the Knysna harbour, Brenton is separated into Lake Brenton, on the western shore of the Knysna Lagoon and Brenton –on –Sea, which lies on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

Lake Brenton

The road from Knysna to Brenton with its marvellous sea views from the Knysna Featherbed to Buffalo Bay, leaves an unmistakeable feeling that, if there is a perfect and peaceful dwelling place on this earth, then Lake Brenton would be amongst the few considerations.


There are many beaches along the Garden Route’s Southern Cape Coast that takes one’s breath away and Brenton-on-Sea is one such beach. On a good day, from perfectly placed rock formations, one can watch the dolphins surfing the breakers only metres away or enjoy a stroll along the white beach all the way to Buffalo Bay.

Featherbed Nature Reserve

The Featherbed Nature Reserve, a unique 150 ha private Nature Reserve, encompasses the whole of the Western Head of Knysna and is one of South Africa's Natural Heritage Sites.

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